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My Affiliate Account Has Been Ban? What Can I Do?

If you received a notice that your affiliate account has been banned, make sure to review very well the affiliate program policy and find out what you violated.

Click here to review the affiliate program policies

Steps To Take if committed a violation

  1. Buksan ang email address na nakaregister sa Openmind at hanapin ang email na mayroon subject line “Your Promotion Violated The Policy”.
  2. Basahin ang nakasulat sa email notice and make sure na sundan ang advice at instructions na nakalagay mula sa email ng affiliate admin.
  3. Alisin ang promotion strategy na nakatanggap ng violation para mas mabilis na maibalik ang affiliate account.
  4. Magreply sa email na at iprovide mo ang following details.

    Full Name: _________________
    Userid# ____________________
    Email address ________________
    I have removed the promotion

    Once na nasend ang information, idodouble check ng admin ang promotion at once na naging compliant ibabalik ng admin ang affiliate account.

    Please provide accurate information para mabilisan maibalik ang affiliate account.

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