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How To Become An Openmind Ambassador

Thank you for your interest to become Openmind Ambassador. Please read this page to learn more info about Openmind Ambassador program.

Who are the Openmind Ambassadors?

  • Openminded Individuals who are always hungry for the next A-HA moment and always willing to learn something new.
  • Openminded Individuals who enthusiastically share the Vision and Mission of Openmind.
  • Openminded individuals who are always a source of positivity and hope to other aspiring internet entrepreneurs.
  • Openminded individuals who have a strong belief in helping others to succeed.
  • Openminded individuals who believe in teamwork in attaining a specific goal.
  • Openminded individuals who always do their tasks with good ethics and good morals.
  • Openminded individuals who are committed to accomplishing their goals and to the core values of Openmind.

Benefits of Becoming an Openmind Ambassador

  • Qualified to earn the Ambassador Leadership Bonus (P50,000 to P100,000 every 1,000 points of all your referrals).
  • Qualified to earn Unlimited P1,000,000 Ambassador Million Bonus 
  • Qualified to be Invited to all expense paid big travel Incentives 
  • Invited to Exclusive Corporate Meetings 
  • Many More Upcoming Incentives

How To Qualify?

  • Must be 20 years old or above 
  • Must accomplish and submit the Affiliate Survey Form 
  • Must answer and submit the Ambassador Application Form 
  • Must not commit 3 violations from the affiliate terms and policies within 1 year. 
  • No record of bad conduct from the community, support, and admins of Openmind. 
  • Must be an active affiliate (Actively promoting Openmind products)

What is The Qualification Process?

What Are The Roles of Being An Openmind Ambassador?

  • Must be willing to provide consistent positive content 
  • Must be Openminded, trainable and willing to learn new skills.
  • Must be willing to help, guide and inspire other aspiring internet entrepreneurs.
  • Must be willing to share the Openmind brand and Openmind Core Values to others.
  • More will be explained during the interview process

IMPORTANT NOTE: You don’t need to invest or pay anything to become an Openmind Ambassador (There is no membership fee and no business opportunity being sold here.)

You must simply pass the application process to become an Openmind Ambassador.


Do I need to pay to become an Openmind Ambassador?

What if I don’t have a registered Philippine address? May I still apply?

I am an Overseas Filipino Worker, May I still apply?

I am under the age of 20, may I apply as an Openmind Ambassador?

Is it possible to revoke my rank as an Ambassador?